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Collective nouns are words that describe a group of people, things, or animals. In the case of the word budget, there are various examples of collective nouns that establish a connection to financial matters. One such example is a "team" of budgets, where a group of individuals collaborates to manage and allocate funds for a specific purpose, be it in a project or a company. Another collective noun related to budgets could be a "committee," highlighting a group dedicated to making financial decisions or overseeing the allocation of funds. Additionally, an "organization" of budgets may refer to the financial department within a company, working collectively to create, revise, and adhere to budgets.

Furthermore, a "panel" of budgets represents a collective gathering of financial experts or professionals who come together to collectively discuss, analyze, and provide recommendations on budgets. In government contexts, a "council" of budgets may refer to a group responsible for setting budgetary policies, making financial decisions, and advising representatives or elected officials on fiscal matters.

Overall, collective noun examples utilizing the word budget highlight the collaborative, collective efforts and responsibilities associated with managing and allocating financial resources effectively and efficiently. These examples demonstrate the diverse groups of individuals or entities united by the common goal of ensuring fiscal control and sustainability.


Budget Of Allocations

Budget of Allocations refers to an organized financial plan that outlines how funds will be distributed and utilized within an organization or a government body. This collective noun phrase encompasses the comprehensive set of allocated resources that def...

Example sentence

"The budget of allocations was presented to the finance committee for review."


Budget Of Costs

The collective noun phrase Budget of Costs refers to a comprehensive financial plan that outlines the expenditures associated with a particular project, activity, or operation. It encompasses various elements such as labor, materials, equipment, services,...

Example sentence

"The budget of costs for the construction project was meticulously calculated and presented to the stakeholders."


Budget Of Estimates

Budget of Estimates is a specialized collective noun phrase used predominantly in government and financial contexts, particularly in relation to the formulation and planning of public funds. It refers to an extensive compilation of detailed financial prop...

Example sentence

"The Budget of Estimates for next year was finally presented to the public."


Budget Of Expenditures

The collective noun phrase Budget of Expenditures refers to the overall financial plan for an organization, government, or individual that outlines the intended allocations and disbursements of funds for a given period. The phrase captures the concept of ...

Example sentence

"The budget of expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year was presented to the board of directors today."


Budget Of Expenses

A budget of expenses is a comprehensive collection or list detailing all the financial costs, obligations, outlays, or allocations involved in running a business, organization or even managing personal finance. It encompasses all the necessary monetary co...

Example sentence

"The budget of expenses for the company's upcoming project includes costs for labor, materials, and equipment."


Budget Of Figures

Budget of figures is a carefully curated and comprehensive collection of numerical data, typically used for financial planning and analysis. It represents a dedicated accumulation of figures that relate to various aspects of an organization's financial op...

Example sentence

"The budget of figures was staggering, with millions of dollars allocated to each department."


Budget Of Forecasts

Budget of Forecasts is a collective noun phrase that refers to a comprehensive and carefully estimated collection of predictions, financial plans, or projections made by experts and analysts for a specific organization, industry, or even a country. The ph...

Example sentence

"The budget of forecasts has been allocated for different sectors, including financial markets, economic growth, and consumer spending."


Budget Of Ideas

The collective noun phrase Budget of Ideas refers to a diverse and comprehensive assortment of thoughts, plans, solutions, and concepts that are available to be explored, implemented, or considered within a specific context, such as a company, organizatio...

Example sentence

"The Budget of Ideas is a limitless resource for innovation and improvement within a company."


Budget Of Investments

The budget of investments refers to a collective noun phrase that represents the total amount of money allocated for various investments within an organization, government, or individual's financial plan. This phrase encompasses the funds designated for v...

Example sentence

"The budget of investments for the upcoming year includes allocations for various industries such as technology, healthcare, and renewable energy."


Budget Of Money

Budget of Money is a special and dynamic term used to illustrate the allocation and management of funds within a specific context. It refers to a predefined and organized sum of money that is designated for various expenditures, financial obligations, inv...

Example sentence

"The budget of money allocated for education has been increased this year to improve the quality of schools."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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