[53] Bountiful Brood: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples Highlighting the Remarkable 'Brood'

A brood is often associated with groups of animals, particularly referring to the offspring of certain species. This collective noun is commonly used to describe a family or group consisting of the young ones and their parents. One notable example is a brood of chicks, specifically referring to a group of baby chickens along with their mother hen. It encompasses the tender bond and nurturing environment created within this familial unit. Moreover, a brood of ducklings depicts a similar scenario, with a mother duck diligently watching over and guiding her adorable little ones through their early days. This collective noun highlights the close-knit nature and protective instincts exhibited within animal families.


Brood Of Adders

A brood of adders is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of venomous snakes belonging to the viper family. Adders are typically small to medium-sized snakes known for their camouflaging colors, which allow them to blend seamlessly into their n...

Example sentence

"As they basked in the warm sunlight, a brood of adders writhed together, their intertwining bodies forming an undulating mass."


Brood Of Bees

A brood of bees is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of bees living within the same hive or nest system. Typically led by a queen bee, a brood consists of worker bees and drones who work collaboratively to maintain the intricate social str...

Example sentence

"A brood of bees swarmed around the vibrant flowers, collecting nectar to bring back to their hive."


Brood Of Birds

A brood of birds is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of birds that share a nest or are hatched or raised together by an adult bird, usually their parent. The term brood specifically refers to a group of animals that are offspring of the sam...

Example sentence

"While walking through the forest, I marveled at the sight of a brood of birds perched on the highest branches of the trees."


Brood Of Caterpillars

A brood of caterpillars is a captivating sight, an enchanting gathering of these mesmerizing creatures. Like a tightly knit family, they huddle together, their bodies forming a dense sea of vibrant colors and fascinating patterns that dance in harmony. Th...

Example sentence

"In the quiet meadow, a brood of caterpillars descended upon the lush green leaves, devouring them hungrily."


Brood Of Chamois

A brood of Chamois refers to a group or family unit of these agile and beautiful mountain-dwelling ungulates. Chamois are medium-sized mammals that belong to the bovid family and are characterized by their stunning appearance, gracefulness, and incredible...

Example sentence

"A photographer captured a breathtaking image of a brood of chamois gracefully leaping across the rocky slopes."


Brood of Chickens

A brood of chickens refers to a specific group of baby chickens that has hatched together and is typically under the care of the same mother hen. It depicts the scene of a nurturing mother hen diligently protecting, overseeing, and guiding her delicate br...

Example sentence

"The brood of chickens huddled together under the warmth of their mother hen's wings."


Brood of Chicks

A brood of chicks refers to a group of baby birds, specifically young domestic fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, or ducks. This term is often used to describe adorable little creatures hatched from eggs while dwelling under the watchful eye of their nurtu...

Example sentence

"A brood of chicks hatched in the spring and eagerly followed their mother, learning to explore the world."


Brood Of Cubs

A brood of cubs is an enchanting and adorable collective noun phrase that captures the playfulness and innocence of young animals in the wild. It refers to a group of curious, energetic, and mischievous cub animals, such as lions, bears, or wolves, living...

Example sentence

"The brood of cubs played together in the grassy meadow, tumbling and frolicking with boundless energy."


Brood Of Dogs

A brood of dogs refers to a collection of young puppies or offspring that belong to the same mother dog. This collective noun phrase denotes a group of adorable and lively canines in their earliest stages of development. The term brood implies a sense of ...

Example sentence

"While on our hike, we came across a brood of dogs gathering around their owner."


Brood Of Doves

Brood of Doves is a delightful and picturesque collective noun phrase used to describe a group of doves. The term brood traditionally refers to a group of young birds hatched at the same time from the same nest. This particular association with doves adds...

Example sentence

"As the peaceful dawn broke, a brood of doves gracefully took flight from the branches above."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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