[50] Exploring the Wealth of Collective Nouns: An Ode to a Brace of Examples

A brace is a collective noun that specifically refers to a pair or grouping of certain animals. This term is commonly used to describe animals that have a pairing or grouping nature. One popular example of a collective noun with the word "brace" is a brace of ducks. When you come across this description, it indicates that you are observing a group of two or more ducks swimming, wading, or flying closely together. Another example is a brace of grouse, suggesting a gathering of these birds on the ground or in a specific habitat. The phrase "brace of partridge" is also frequently used to represent two or more partridges seen together in the same vicinity. Furthermore, a less familiar collective noun usage of brace refers to a pair of metal supports or brackets used to reinforce or strengthen an object. In this sense, a brace denotes stability and firmness to prop up or secure an item.


Brace Of Actors

A brace of actors is a captivating and dynamic collective noun phrase that encapsulates the essence of a small group of talented performers. Denoting a pairing or duo, this phrase brings to mind the harmonious collaboration and synchronicity found within ...

Example sentence

"A brace of actors arrived on set, dressed in their period costumes."


Brace Of Adventures

A brace of adventures refers to a collection or grouping of exciting and thrilling experiences. It evokes a vivid imagery associated with exploring unknown territories, embarking on daring quests, and undertaking incredible feats. Just like a brace, which...

Example sentence

"I embarked on a thrill-seeking journey with a brace of adventures as we plunged into uncharted territories."


Brace Of Archers

Brace of Archers is a captivating collective noun phrase that intriguingly describes a specific group or gathering of skillful individuals highly proficient in the ancient art of archery. Evoking images of medieval times and the glory of the hunt, this un...

Example sentence

"A brace of archers took their positions on the field, their bows steady and poised."


Brace Of Bakers

A brace of bakers refers to a small group or pair of skilled individuals who specialize in the art of baking. This term reflects the craftsmanship, efficiency, and camaraderie that often accompanies the work of bakers. It symbolizes a sense of collaborati...

Example sentence

"A brace of bakers emerged from the bustling bakery, laden with freshly baked bread."


Brace Of Barrels

A brace of barrels refers to a unique and visually striking collection or grouping of barrels in various shapes and sizes. This collective noun phrase paints a collective image of two barrels tightly positioned alongside each other for stability. While or...

Example sentence

"A brace of barrels rolled across the brewery floor, ready to be filled with the finest ale."


Brace Of Bears

A brace of bears is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of two bears. The term brace originally referred to a pair or couple, indicating that the bears are usually observed in pairs. This term dates back to Middle English, when it was common...

Example sentence

"While on a hiking trip, we stumbled upon a brace of bears roaming in the dense forest."


Brace Of Books

A brace of books refers to a pairing or set of two books that are closely associated or kept together. This collective noun phrase treats books as valuable treasures that come in sets, emphasizing their significance and the inherent bond between them. Unl...

Example sentence

"I picked up a brace of books from the library to read over the weekend."


Brace of Bucks

A brace of bucks is a colorful collective noun phrase used to describe a specific group of two male deer. This unique phrase, originating from the hunting terminology of the Middle Ages, adds a poetic touch in referencing these majestic creatures. Showcas...

Example sentence

"The hunters spotted a brace of bucks gracefully leaping through the forest."


Brace Of Cattle

A brace of cattle is a distinctive collective noun phrase used to refer to a specific grouping of cattle. Unlike the more common collective noun herd, which is used to describe a large number of cattle, a brace of cattle typically refers to a smaller, mor...

Example sentence

"A brace of cattle grazes peacefully in the meadow, their sturdy forms blending with the vibrant green landscape."


Brace Of Chefs

A brace of chefs is a unique and engaging term denoting a group of talented culinary experts working together in synchronized harmony to create delicious masterpieces in the realm of gastronomy. Uniting their diverse skills, talents, and creative visions,...

Example sentence

"A brace of chefs carefully prepared a delectable feast for the fine dining restaurant."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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