[62] Benchmarking Collective Noun Examples: Unveiling the Power of Bench

A collective noun is used to refer to a group or collection of similar entities. In the case of the word "bench," there are several collective noun examples that can help to illustrate this concept.

1. A Row of Benches: In various settings such as parks, waiting areas, or sports venues, a row of benches can be observed. It's common to see multiple benches placed side by side, creating a collective noun. For example, one might say, "The park was filled with a row of benches, providing ample space for visitors to sit and relax."

2. A cluster of Benches: In certain environments, benches might be grouped closely together to form a cozy seating area. Whether in a cozy café or outdoor dining setting, a cluster of benches creates a collective noun. For instance, "In the bustling marketplace, a cluster of benches was arranged around the communal area, allowing people to gather and chat while enjoying their meals."

3. A Set of Benches: It is not uncommon to find a set of benches arranged systematically to cater to specific practical usage. This could be seen in places such as classrooms, libraries, or stadiums. For example, "The lecture hall boasted a modern set of benches with integrated writing surfaces and charging ports, providing students with a conducive learning environment."

4. A Line of Benches: Often observed in park trails or walkways, a line of benches offers a designated resting spot along the path. This collective noun example could be described in the following way: "As we strolled through the delightful garden, we encountered a line of benches at regular intervals, inviting us to take a moment and admire the surroundings."

In conclusion, collective nouns like "row," "cluster," "set," or "line" can help to paint a vivid picture while emphasizing the presence of multiple benches in various contexts.


Bench Of Academics

A bench of academics refers to a group or gathering of scholarly and intellectual individuals who are professionals in the field of academia. United by their passion for knowledge and pursuit of excellence, this collective noun phrase denotes a panel or c...

Example sentence

"A bench of academics gathered in the seminar room to discuss their research findings."


Bench Of Actors

A bench of actors is a phrase used to collectively describe a group of actors gathered together for a particular purpose or occasion. Similar to a lineup or an ensemble, a bench of actors typically refers to a group of skilled performers who are ready and...

Example sentence

"The bench of actors displayed incredible chemistry on stage, bringing the characters to life with their impeccable performances."


Bench Of Administrators

A bench of administrators refers to a group of individuals holding administrative roles or positions within an organization or institution. This collective noun phrase signifies a cohesive unit of professionals who are responsible for overseeing and manag...

Example sentence

"The bench of administrators gathered to discuss and make decisions on the future of the company."


Bench Of Ambassadors

A bench of ambassadors refers to a diverse group of diplomats who have been appointed to represent their respective countries and maintain diplomatic relations with other nations. This collective noun phrase exudes unity and teamwork as these individuals ...

Example sentence

"A Bench of Ambassadors arrived at the conference, showcasing their diplomatic skills and expertise."


Bench Of Analysts

A bench of analysts is a gathering of professional individuals who possess superb analytical skills and expertise in a specific field. This collective noun phrase describes a group of dedicated analysts who work closely together to solve complex problems,...

Example sentence

"The bench of analysts spent hours dissecting financial data to provide a comprehensive report for the client."


Bench Of Anthropologists

A bench of anthropologists refers to a gathering or group of anthropologists that come together to study and explore the complexities of human culture, behavior, and society. Just as a bench provides a communal space for individuals to contribute or engag...

Example sentence

"A bench of anthropologists from various countries gathered at the conference to discuss their latest research and discoveries."


Bench Of Architects

A Bench of Architects is a distinctive collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of architects who share similar goals and expertise while practicing their craft. The word bench in this context depicts a harmonious and collaborative gathering of pro...

Example sentence

"A bench of architects gathered in the conference room to discuss their latest project."


Bench Of Artists

A bench of artists is used as a collective noun phrase to describe a group or gathering of various creative individuals united by their artistry and passion for self-expression. Comparable to a literal bench on which artists may sit or work together, this...

Example sentence

"A bench of artists gathered at the gallery, discussing their latest creations and exchanging creative ideas."


Bench Of Astronomers

A bench of astronomers is a unique and enchanting sight, capturing the essence of serene curiosity and the pursuit of cosmic knowledge. This descriptive collective noun phrase refers to a gathering or assembly of astronomers engaged in observation, explor...

Example sentence

"The bench of astronomers met at the observatory to discuss their latest discoveries and share their insights on the cosmos."


Bench Of Basketball Players

A bench of basketball players refers to a group of basketball players who are not actively playing in a game but instead sit on the team bench. In a basketball game, each team typically has a roster of players, more than the number that can be on the cour...

Example sentence

"During halftime, a bench of basketball players anxiously awaited their coach's instructions for the second half."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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