[31] Bellowing Echoes: Exploring Collective Noun Examples

Bellowing provokes a powerful image of sound and vigor reverberating through the air. While typically associated with the deep and resonant roaring of large animals, bellowing can also define the collective behavior of certain groups. similar to the effects that individual bellows produce, the concept of a collective noun amplifies the impact. Here lie some striking examples:

1. A Herd of Bison Bellowing: The expansive plains are set alive as a herd of bison gathers, collectively asserting its impressive presence with the rumbling appeal of synchronized bellows. These majestic creatures use their distinctive calls to communicate, captivating both spectators and fellow bison alike.

2. A choir of Fathers Bellowing: Filling the air with a chorus of deep voices, a group of devoted fathers proudly offers their vocal support from the sidelines of their children's accomplishments. Their united bellowing emanates enthusiasm and applause, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and celebration.

3. A Pack of Wolves Bellowing: Under the luminescent moonlight, wolves unite through a compelling serenade of unified howls and resonant calls. Their collective chorus serves as a territorial announcement, a bond-strengthening exercise, and a means of locating pack members. The bone-chilling sound simultaneously captivates and instills primal awe.

4. A Squadron of Fighter Jets Bellowing: Cutting through the sky with supreme agility, a squadron of fighter jets wickedly screech, captivating the imaginations of all who glimpse their impressive formation. The collective impact of their synchronized bellowing engines produces an adrenaline-fueled spectacle, drawing attention and symbolizing disciplined strength.

5. A congregation of Bulls Bellowing: In the dusty plains, a congregation of bulls engage in resounding roars, contesting for dominance and territorial rights. Their boisterous displays of strength combine in an impressive cacophony, announcing their presence and intimidating potential rivals.

These collective nouns shift the intense magnitude of bellowing from an individual experience to a shared expression. The resultant sonic power fills our imaginations and connects us to the unity among these diverse creatures, revealing the exquisite harmony found both in nature and human interactions.


Bellowing Of Baboons

The collective noun phrase Bellowing of Baboons refers to a group of baboons that is known for its loud and intense vocalizations. The word bellowing aptly captures the low-pitched, rumbling sound produced by these primates, characterized by deep guttural...

Example sentence

"We heard the loud bellowing of baboons echoing through the jungle."


Bellowing Of Bears

The collective noun phrase Bellowing of Bears refers to a specific group of bears engaging in a deep, rumbling vocalization known as bellowing. Bears are large, powerful creatures that possess a range of vocal abilities, with Bellowing being one of their ...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of bears echoed through the dense forest, sending chills down my spine."


Bellowing Of Bison

The bellowing of bison refers to a powerful and harmonious natural phenomenon that occurs when a group of bison communicate by emitting deep, rumbling calls. It is a collective noun phrase used to depict the collective vocalization of a herd of bison, cre...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of bison echoed through the vast plains, resonating with power and strength."


Bellowing Of Buffaloes

Bellowing of Buffaloes is a captivating collective noun phrase used to depict a remarkable sight and auditory experience generated by a group of buffaloes. When these majestic creatures come together in their natural habitat, the collective rumble resonat...

Example sentence

"As we approached the vast grasslands, we could hear the powerful bellowing of buffaloes resonating through the air."


Bellowing of Bullfinches

The bellowing of bullfinches is a striking and captivating collective noun phrase that conjures up images of nature's symphony intertwined with colorful feathers fluttering through lush foliage. Heralding the arrival of spring, this enchanting group of bu...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of bullfinches filled the forest as the flock of brightly colored birds flew from tree to tree."


Bellowing Of Bulls

Bellowing of Bulls is an evocative collective noun phrase that describes a powerful and resonating sound produced by a group of bulls. The term bellowing vividly portrays the deep and throaty roar emitted by these majestic horned mammals. Revealing their ...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of bulls echoed across the vast prairie, sending a powerful message to any potential rivals."


Bellowing Of Camels

Bellowing of Camels is a descriptive and engaging collective noun phrase that encapsulates the distinct sound and unique behavior of camels. When a group of camels is together, their resounding vocalizations permeate the air through long, haunting echoes,...

Example sentence

"In the searing desert heat, the bellowing of camels can be heard echoing across the dunes."


Bellowing Of Chimpanzees

The phrase Bellowing of Chimpanzees refers to a group or gathering of chimpanzees engaging in their distinct vocalizations known as bellows. Chimpanzees, being highly social animals with complex communication systems, often emit these powerful and resonan...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of chimpanzees could be heard from deep within the forest, echoing through the trees."


Bellowing Of Cougars

The Bellowing of Cougars refers to a distinctive collective noun phrase used to depict a group of cougars, also known as mountain lions. Cougars are magnificent and solitary big cats, native to the Americas, renowned for their agility, strength, and elusi...

Example sentence

"As I hiked through the dense wilderness, the air filled with the exhilarating bellowing of cougars echoing in the distance."


Bellowing Of Cows

Bellowing of Cows is a poetic phrase that vividly captures the essence of a group of cows communicating through their deep and resonant vocalizations. Referencing primarily the sound produced by male cows, known as bulls, as well as cows of other genders ...

Example sentence

"As I walked through the fields, I heard the loud bellowing of cows in the distance."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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