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A battery of collective noun examples showcases the power and impact of unity within a group. Just as cells in a battery combine their energy to generate electricity, members of a collective noun battery work together to achieve shared objectives. These examples represent different types of groups that demonstrate the importance of collective effort and collaboration. For instance, a battery of soldiers exemplifies strength, discipline, and organizational prowess, as they contribute their unique skills to accomplish military missions. Similarly, a battery of lawyers symbolizes unity and support as they pool their legal expertise to defend their clients’ interests in a courtroom. Further examples include a battery of tests, portraying an array of examinations that assess knowledge or skills, and a battery of cameras capturing an array of photos or videos simultaneously from different angles. In each case, these collective noun batteries highlight the potency and efficacy derived from harmonious teamwork.


Battery Of Chickens

A battery of chickens refers to a group or flock of chickens gathered together in a specific context or setting. The term battery represents unity, strength, and purpose, showcasing the collective nature and action-oriented behavior of these domestic bird...

Example sentence

"As the farmer walked into the barnyard, he was greeted by a battery of chickens clucking and pecking."


Battery Of Drills

A battery of drills is a group of various types and sizes of drills used to accomplish a multitude of tasks. Assembled together, this collection of drilling devices forms a powerful ensemble capable of tackling a wide range of projects. Each drill within ...

Example sentence

"The construction workers carried a battery of drills with them to the building site."


Battery Of Electricians

A battery of electricians is a phrase used to refer to a group or team of skilled professionals who specialize in electrical work. Like an organized battalion, a battery of electricians brings together the technical knowledge and expertise needed to handl...

Example sentence

"A battery of electricians was dispatched to the power plant after a major outage."


Battery Of Evidence

A battery of evidence is a powerful and persuasive collection of facts, data, testimonies, and other supporting materials that are used to substantiate a claim, present an argument, or support a legal case. This term, battery, is borrowed from military vo...

Example sentence

"The defense attorney presented a battery of evidence to prove her client's innocence."


Battery Of Experiments

A battery of experiments refers to a collection or group of experiments that are conducted simultaneously or thematically related to each other. This term emphasizes the organized and collaborative aspect of conducting a series of experiments. Similar to ...

Example sentence

"The scientists conducted a battery of experiments to test their hypothesis."


Battery Of Experts

A battery of experts refers to a group of skilled individuals or professionals who are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and proficient in a particular field or subject. This collective noun phrase implies that the experts within this group work collabor...

Example sentence

"The battery of experts gathered to analyze the data and present their findings at the conference."


Battery of Guns

A battery of guns is an awe-inspiring sight, drawing images of power, precision, and force. It stands as a collective noun phrase denoting a group or a set of cannons, firearms, or artillery pieces strategically assembled for warfare, defense, or ceremoni...

Example sentence

"The battery of guns took aim at the distant targets, ready to unleash their firepower."


Battery Of Hens

A battery of hens refers to a specific term used to collectively describe a group of hens in a light-hearted or informal manner. The word battery in this context doesn't relate to an electrical device, but rather harks back to an archaic usage from mediev...

Example sentence

"I observed a battery of hens pecking at the ground searching for worms."


Battery Of Innovations

Battery of Innovations A battery of innovations is a captivating collective noun phrase used to refer to a group or collection of groundbreaking and game-changing inventions, ideas, or creative concepts which together create a powerful and impactful force...

Example sentence

"The battery of innovations presented by the tech company has completely revolutionized the industry."


Battery Of Insults

A battery of insults refers to a concentrated arsenal of cutting remarks, offensive phrases, and disdainful statements that are usually deployed skillfully by someone seeking to slay the pride or self-esteem of another individual or a group. This collecti...

Example sentence

"The crowd erupted into a battery of insults when the opposing team scored a winning goal."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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