[29] Unlocking the Vault of Collective Noun Examples: A Bank of Fascinating Groups

A collective noun is a type of noun that refers to a group of individuals or things as a whole. One interesting and versatile collective noun is "bank." While the word bank commonly implies a financial institution where savings and transactions are performed, it can also be used to refer to certain groups.

1. "A bank of dolphins" refers to a group of dolphins swimming together. These intelligent marine creatures often form social groups also known as pods. Seeing a bank of dolphins frolicking in the ocean is a remarkable sight that showcases their strong bond and playful nature.

2. Similarly, "a bank of fish" describes a group of fish swimming together. Whether it's a shoal of small fish or a school of larger ones, these tightly grouped creatures move in unison, providing protection from predators and better chances for acquiring food.

3. "A bank of clouds" pertains to a collection of clouds appearing across the sky. This phenomena occurs when numerous cloud formations cluster together, creating a majestic visual spectacle above our heads. From fluffy cumulus clouds to ominous cumulonimbus clouds, banks of clouds can vary greatly in shape and size.

4. In the field of botany, "a bank of flowers" refers to a bunch of flowers growing right in the heart of nature. Picture a vibrant meadow where North American wildflowers bloom in unison, carpeting the landscape with a visually stunning array of colors. This bank of flowers not only elevates the beauty of a particular region but also provides a vital ecosystem for various insects and birds.

5. Lastly, "a bank of oars" characterizes a collection of rowing implements used in boats. In rowing sports such as crew, a group effort is made as each rower navigates their oar in synchronicity with the others, propelling the boat swiftly through the water. A bank of oars showcases the coordinated teamwork of rowers, representing the essence of a successful boat.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of "bank" as a collective noun, extending its meaning beyond its financial connotation. Empowered by collective nouns, we can describe nature, animals, and even human activities, fostering a more enriching understanding of the world around us.


Bank of Batteries

Bank of Batteries is a descriptive collective noun phrase used to refer to a grouping or large collection of batteries that are stored or organized together. Batteries play a crucial role in providing portable energy supply for various devices, and when t...

Example sentence

"I need to buy a bank of batteries to power my remote controls."


Bank Of Beavers

A Bank of Beavers refers to a group or collection of beavers commonly found in their habitats. Beavers, which are renowned for their extraordinary engineering skills and ability to transform landscapes, live in organized communities known as colonies or l...

Example sentence

"A Bank of Beavers construct intricate dams and lodges to create their ideal habitats."


Bank of Circuits

Bank of Circuits is a compelling and innovative collective noun phrase that describes a dynamic cluster of interconnected electronic units, circuits, and components within the field of electronics and technology. Mimicking the concept of a financial insti...

Example sentence

"The Bank of Circuits is responsible for managing and storing all the electronic components used in our robotics lab."


Bank Of Clouds

A bank of clouds is an enchanting sight that captures the essence of nature's beauty and celestial mystique. This collective noun phrase refers to a collection or group of clouds congregating in the sky, forming a breathtaking display of breathtaking form...

Example sentence

"As we reached the summit of the mountain, a majestic bank of clouds rolled in, casting shadows over the entire landscape."


Bank Of Computers

Bank of Computers is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or collection of computers that are interconnected and operated together in a specific setup or location. A bank of computers typically consists of multiple computer units arranged syste...

Example sentence

"The Bank of Computers was updated with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance."


Bank Of Crocodiles

A Bank of Crocodiles is a captivating and awe-inspiring sight in the animal kingdom. This collective noun phrase signifies a gathering or congregation of ferocious reptiles found predominantly in the tropics and subtropics. Comprised entirely of crocodile...

Example sentence

"A Bank of Crocodiles sunbathed by the river, basking in the warm afternoon sun."


Bank Of Drawers

Bank of Drawers is a fascinating collective noun phrase that vividly captures the essence of a storage system characterized by an assembly of drawers adjoined together in an organized structure. It evokes an image reminiscent of a financial bank with nume...

Example sentence

"The carpenter organized his tools in a neat bank of drawers, each labeled with a specific type of hardware."


Bank Of Elevators

The phrase Bank of Elevators refers to a common and convenient organizational structure used in buildings or facilities where multiple vertical transport devices are grouped together. This concept involves a collection or group of elevators that are strat...

Example sentence

"The bank of elevators in the hotel were constantly busy, with people coming in and out at all hours."


Bank Of Fish

Bank of Fish is a captivating collective noun phrase that brings to mind a stunning and awe-inspiring sight of fish swimming closely together, resembling a bustling financial institution comes alive in the depths of the sea. Picture a vast and breathtakin...

Example sentence

"I spotted a magnificent Bank of Fish swimming gracefully in the crystal-clear waters of the coral reef."


Bank Of Herons

A Bank of Herons refers to a collective group of herons gathered together in a particular location, often along the banks of rivers, lakes, or marshes. A familiar sight for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, this assemblage showcases the majestic beauty...

Example sentence

"A Bank of Herons was spotted by the lake, gracefully wading through the water in search of fish."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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