[35] Unraveling the Intrigue: A Singular Insight into the Mysterious Collective Noun for Badgers

A collective noun for badgers is a set.


Array Of Badgers

An array of badgers describes a group or gathering of these elusive and intriguing small mammals. Envision a scene with a collection of badgers emerging from their burrows, their white snouts and black and grey stripes contrasting against the lush green s...

Example sentence

"An array of badgers foraged for food in a field, their black and white coats blending in with the surrounding foliage."


Assembly Of Badgers

An assembly of badgers is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group or gathering of badgers. A sight to behold, it describes an exceptional assemblage of these reclusive and resilient animals coming together for a common purpose, whether it be forag...

Example sentence

"An assembly of badgers emerged from their underground burrows, their silver-gray and black-striped coats shimmering in the moonlight."


Band Of Badgers

A band of badgers refers to a group of badgers that congregate or stick together. This collective noun phrase reflects the social nature of badgers that often form small communal groups. Each member of the band has its own distinct role and responsibiliti...

Example sentence

"A band of badgers scurried across the field as evening descended."


Bunch Of Badgers

A bunch of badgers refers to a gathering or group of badgers. Badgers, notorious for their elusive nature and secretive habits, are solitary and independent creatures by nature. However, on occasion, certain circumstances may bring them together, and when...

Example sentence

"A bunch of badgers was spotted playing near the stream in the early morning."


Burrow Of Badgers

A burrow of badgers is a fascinating sight that captures the essence of their secretive yet sociable nature. These distinctive mammals, also known as European badgers (Meles meles), live in complex underground networks known as setts, often nestled within...

Example sentence

"In the distance, I spotted a burrow of badgers nestled among the trees."


Bury Of Badgers

A Bury of Badgers refers to a captivating group of badgers moving, playing, or dwelling together. As nocturnal creatures known for their distinct black and white striped faces and stout bodies, badgers naturally prefer living in complex underground system...

Example sentence

"A bury of badgers emerged from their underground burrows, their black-and-white coats glimmering in the moonlight."


Cete of Badgers

A cete of Badgers refers to a unique and intriguing gathering of these small mammals. In the wild, badgers are highly social animals, often living in family groups known as sets or clans. However, when referring to a larger congregation of badgers, the te...

Example sentence

"A cete of badgers was spotted emerging from their underground burrow."


Clan Of Badgers

A clan of badgers is a unique and fascinating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of badgers dwelling together. An assemblage of these small, nocturnal animals forms an intricate community overflowing with cooperative spirit and intriguing beh...

Example sentence

"The Clan of Badgers sheltered in a burrow deep beneath the ancient oak tree."


Cluster Of Badgers

A cluster of badgers is a captivating and intriguing sight to behold. Typically found in woodland regions, this collective noun phrase describes a group of badgers coming together, displaying their strong sense of community and hierarchical structure. Pi...

Example sentence

"When I stumbled upon a cluster of badgers in the forest, they froze and stared at me with their piercing eyes."


Colony of Badgers

A colony of badgers refers to a group of badgers that live and forage together, forming a close-knit community. Badgers, known for their distinctive black and white striped faces and stout build, are highly social animals, and they often form colonies to ...

Example sentence

"A colony of badgers emerged from their burrows at twilight, their black and white stripes shining in the fading light."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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