[34] All Fired Up: Exploring the Arsenal of Collective Nouns for Artillery!

Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of people, animals, or things. When it comes to artillery -- refers to large-caliber firearms used in warfare -- there are a few collective nouns that can be used to describe a collection of artillery pieces. These collective nouns are typically used to convey a sense of organization, power, and force associated with these weapons.

One possible collective noun for artillery is a battery. Historically, the term battery originated from soldiers lining up their guns in rows, resembling a battery of artillery. Today, it symbolizes the deployment of a coordinated group of cannons or artillery devices, ready to fire in unison to execute an attack or defend a position. The word battery conjures the image of cannons standing side by side, presenting a united front against an enemy.

Another collective noun used to describe artillery is a salvo. Specifically, it refers to a simultaneous discharge of a group of artillery shells directed towards a target. A salvo displays not only the firepower of a single artillery piece but rather emphasizes the devastating force that a collective group of artillery weapons can unleash. The term salvo frequently conveys the idea of a synchronized blast, creating a visual image of numerous projectiles hurtling through the air simultaneously.

Lastly, another collective noun that can describe artillery is a siege. Equipment intended to lay siege is often distinctive, comprising different types of artillery pieces designed to pound defenses relentlessly. Therefore, a siege implies a comprehensive collection of different artillery implements that work together to isolate and overwhelm a fortified position or enemy stronghold.

To summarize, collective nouns are words that describe a group of related objects or entities. When it comes to artillery, words like battery, salvo, and siege are used to depict a coordinated group of cannons ready for operation, a devastating simultaneous discharge towards a target, or an organized assortment of artillery implements used to break through defenses.


Array Of Artillery

Array of Artillery is a captivating and impactful collective noun phrase that evokes a vivid image of a formidable and imposing grouping of various types of powerful weaponry. This collective term encompasses an awe-inspiring assortment of artillery devic...

Example sentence

"An array of artillery lined the battlefield, ready to unleash their destructive power."


Assembly Of Artillery

An assembly of artillery refers to a specific gathering, unit, or grouping of artillery weapons in military armies or forces. It is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates the organized formation and deployment of various types of heavy weapons specifi...

Example sentence

"The assembly of artillery practiced their precision and discipline at the training grounds."


Barrage Of Artillery

A barrage of artillery is a formidable and powerful sight to behold. This spectacular collective noun phrase refers to a simultaneous and intense discharge of multiple cannons, guns, or other projectile-firing weapons. It encompasses the thunderous sympho...

Example sentence

"The soldiers unleashed a barrage of artillery on the enemy positions, creating a deafening roar and filling the air with explosions."


Battery of Artillery

A Battery of Artillery is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of cannons or artillery pieces used for military purposes. These powerful weapons, operated by trained personnel, form a cohesive unit capable of delivering devastating firepower on...

Example sentence

"The battery of artillery rolled onto the battlefield, their cannons glinting in the sunlight."


Brigade Of Artillery

Brigade of Artillery refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to denote a group or unit of military personnel specializing in the field of artillery. As a cohesive force, this brigade harnesses their skills and expertise to effectively operate art...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Artillery showcased their skills during the annual artillery exhibition."


Cluster Of Artillery

A cluster of artillery refers to a grouping or collection of explosive military weapons, known as artillery. These formidable weapons typically consist of cannons, howitzers, mortars, rocket launchers, or other long-range projectile devices. When brought ...

Example sentence

"A cluster of artillery experts gathered at the military academy to showcase their advanced equipment and techniques."


Cohort Of Artillery

A cohort of artillery refers to a group or unit of artillery pieces and personnel. This military term encapsulates a combination of cannons, howitzers, rocket launchers, and other heavy weaponry, managed by a team of highly trained infantry or artillery s...

Example sentence

"The cohort of artillery marched swiftly across the battlefield, their cannons gleaming in the sunlight."


Column Of Artillery

A column of artillery is a formidable spectacle on the battlefield. It refers to a group or procession of heavy military cannons, pulled by horses or mounted on vehicles, that are organized in a single file and collectively move towards a strategic locati...

Example sentence

"A large column of artillery advanced slowly on the battlefield, their cannons shining in the sun."


Company Of Artillery

A company of artillery is a specialized and disciplined group of military personnel and equipment dedicated to the operation and management of various types of artillery. This collective noun phrase refers to a unit within an army or armed forces that is ...

Example sentence

"A company of artillery marches in precise formation as they traverse the parade ground."


Corps Of Artillery

The Corps of Artillery encapsulates a vital component of any well-prepared military force, showcasing a tightly knit group of skilled and specialized individuals working in unison to effectively wield the overwhelming power of artillery in warfare. Often ...

Example sentence

"The Corps of Artillery was recognized for their exceptional skill during the military parade."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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