[10] The Art of Persuasion: Exploring Collective Noun Examples Through Argumentation

Argumentation refers to the act or process of presenting arguments or reasoning in order to persuade or dispute an idea or point of view. When it comes to collective nouns, these are specific words used to describe groups of people or things. While there isn't a widely recognized or commonly used collective noun specifically related to argumentation, here are a few usage examples where the word "argumentation" can be discussed within the context of collective nouns:

1. Clamor of Argumentation: In some instances, when a vibrant and intense debate or discussion ensues, one can refer to the collective noun "clamor of argumentation." This phrase represents a chaotic but enriching environment often seen in academic institutions, debating societies, or even during contentious public discourse events.

2. Cascade of Argumentation: When several interconnected arguments quickly follow one another, intensifying and expanding the original topic, they can be collectively described as a "cascade of argumentation." This metaphorical imagery connotes a continuous and unstoppable flow of ideas or opinions exchanged between two or more individuals.

3. Pod of Argumentation: In a more structured setting, such as a formal parliamentary debate or a legal/documentary evidence examination, a "pod of argumentation" might be an appropriate portrayal. This collective noun illustrates a tight-knit group of arguments presented in tandem, offering a cohesive and organized approach to support a particular standpoint.

4. Tangle of Argumentation: Alternatively, in instances where various arguments seem to collide, overlap, and sometimes even convolute the original dialogue, one could use the collective noun "tangle of argumentation." This phrase effectively captures the idea of multiple narratives weaving together, leading to an intricate or perplexing discussion.

It's important to note that the examples given above may not be widely accepted or well-established collective nouns explicitly related to argumentation. However, their purpose is to provide imaginative illustrations of possible linguistic formations inspired by the word "argumentation" within the context of collective nouns.


Argumentation Of Analysts

An Argumentation of Analysts refers to a group of highly skilled professionals known for their expertise in scrutinizing and evaluating complex issues, seeking logical patterns, and drawing conclusions based on careful research and critical thinking. The ...

Example sentence

"The Argumentation of Analysts presented multiple perspectives on the economic crisis."


Argumentation Of Critics

Argumentation of Critics refers to a group of individuals who hold the specific role of critically analyzing and evaluating various subjects. This collective noun phrase primarily applies to professionals, experts, or individuals with a sound knowledge an...

Example sentence

"The argumentation of critics was quite intense as they deliberated over the film's plot and character development."


Argumentation Of Debaters

An Argumentation of Debaters is a captivating and intellectually stimulating collective noun phrase used to refer to a group of individuals who engage in formal and structured discussions, commonly known as debates. These highly skilled and verbally adept...

Example sentence

"The argumentation of debaters was intense, as each participant strived to present well-reasoned points during the competition."


Argumentation of Historians

An Argumentation of Historians refers to a group of knowledgeable intellectuals who actively engage in the practice of analyzing, debating, and interpreting historical events and trends. This collective noun phrase highlights the fundamental characteristi...

Example sentence

"The argumentation of historians in the room was intense, with each scholar presenting diverging opinions based on their research."


Argumentation Of Lawyers

An Argumentation of Lawyers refers to a group of legal professionals skilled in the art of presenting persuasive arguments and advocating for their clients in various legal settings, such as courts or negotiations. This collective noun phrase captures the...

Example sentence

"The courtroom was filled with an argumentation of lawyers passionately defending their clients."


Argumentation Of Logicians

An Argumentation of Logicians refers to a gathering or grouping of individuals who specialize in the field of logic and reasoning. These accomplished scholars, known as logicians, are dedicated to exploring the principles of deductive and inductive reason...

Example sentence

"An argumentation of logicians can often be seen patronizing each other's viewpoints in heated discussions."


Argumentation Of Philosophers

An Argumentation of Philosophers refers to a group of intellectuals who engage in profound debates and discussions to explore complex concepts and theories in the realm of philosophy. The noun phrase encapsulates a collective gathering of individuals dedi...

Example sentence

"An argumentation of philosophers gathered at the conference to engage in lively debates about the nature of reality."


Argumentation Of Rhetoricians

Argumentation of Rhetoricians is a captivating and intellectually stimulating collective noun phrase that perfectly embodies the essence of a group of skilled and masterful individuals in the art of persuasive communication. Comprised of accomplished rhet...

Example sentence

"An argumentation of rhetoricians engaged in a heated debate, passionately presenting their well-reasoned opinions."


Argumentation Of Scholars

Argumentation of Scholars is a captivating ensemble of intellectuals whose profound and erudite discourse electrifies the intellectual landscape. This collective noun phrase portrays a remarkable group of academicians, thinkers, philosophers, and experts,...

Example sentence

"Argumentation of scholars in academia is often encouraged as it promotes critical thinking and intellectual growth."


Argumentation Of Theorists

Argumentation of Theorists is a captivating collective noun phrase that represents a group of highly intellectual individuals engaged in deep discussions, examining, evaluating, and dissecting theories from diverse fields of study. These individuals are e...

Example sentence

"An argumentation of theorists gathered at the conference to passionately debate the latest advancements in quantum physics."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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