[23] Opposing Opinions or Raging Debate? Collecting Noun Examples that Showcase the Expansive World of Argument

A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, or things. In the case of the word "argument," there are various collective nouns to describe different contexts in which arguments might occur. Here are a few collective noun examples related to arguments:

1. Dispute: This collective noun denotes a disagreement, debate, or confrontation involving different parties, where they present and defend opposing viewpoints.

2. Squabble: Used mainly to describe small or trivial arguments, a squabble typically involves people engaging in a brief, often petty dispute over a matter of minor importance.

3. Debate: This collective noun refers to a formal discussion involving opposing perspectives or conclusive exchanges of ideas where participants present well-reasoned arguments and counterarguments.

4. Row: Primarily used in British English, a row indicates a loud, sometimes aggressive, and heated verbal dispute or argument.

5. Spat: A spat represents a relatively minor argument or conflict, often sudden and short-lived, typically arising from annoyance or disagreement.

6. Controversy: Although more broad in meaning, a controversy can be considered as a collective noun for an extensive or high-profile argument involving public opinion, often centered around sensitive or divisive topics.

These collective nouns highlight the various contexts and intensities in which arguments can occur. Whether it be a lively debate or a petty squabble, knowing the proper collective noun allows for more precise communication when describing particular instances involving arguments.


Argument Of Academics

The argument of academics is a captivating and dynamic collective noun phrase that encapsulates the spirited and intellectual debates commonly found within academic circles. Comprising individuals renowned for their expertise, scholarship, and critical th...

Example sentence

"The argument of academics over the interpretation of ancient texts continues to captivate scholars around the world."


Argument Of Accountants

Argument of Accountants refers to a gathering or a group of individuals who are professional accountants. This distinctive collective term signifies a meeting or an occurrence where accountants engage in lively discussions and debates related to their fie...

Example sentence

"An argument of accountants met in the conference room to discuss the discrepancies in the company's financial reports."


Argument Of Activists

The collective noun phrase Argument of Activists refers to a designated group of individuals who are fervent in their pursuit of social, political, or environmental change. This cohesive unit is comprised of passionate individuals coming together with a s...

Example sentence

"An argument of activists gathered outside the government building, passionately voicing their demands for environmental justice."


Argument Of Actors

The collective noun phrase Argument of Actors refers to a group or gathering of individuals involved in the field of acting. It encompasses an assembly of talented performers, both professional and amateur, who come together to showcase their skills and c...

Example sentence

"The lineup boasted an argument of actors, each renowned for their convincing performances."


Argument Of Advertisers

Argument of Advertisers is a collective noun phrase that encapsulates a dynamic group of individuals engaged in the profession of advertising. This term refers to the cluster of advertisers who work together, either collaboratively within an agency or ind...

Example sentence

"The Argument of Advertisers was a lively assembly, each participant passionately defending their strategies to captivate the target audience."


Argument Of Aesthetes

The Argument of Aesthetes is a captivating collective noun phrase that denotes a specific group or gathering of individuals who are known for their refined taste, deep appreciation, and meticulous analysis of the arts and beauty in all its forms. Comprise...

Example sentence

"The Argument of Aesthetes became heated during the debate on modern art at the gallery."


Argument Of Agriculturists

The collective noun is Argument of Agriculturists. Argument refers to the constructive conversation or debate centered around aspects of agriculture, while Agriculturists denotes individuals knowledgeable and involved in the practice of agriculture. An A...

Example sentence

"An Argument of Agriculturists gathered at the conference to discuss methods of sustainable farming."


Argument Of Alchemists

Argument of Alchemists is a unique and intriguing collective noun phrase that refers to a gathering or group of intellectual individuals devoted to the ancient practice of alchemy. Derived from the word 'argument' meaning a discussion or debate, this phra...

Example sentence

"An Argument of Alchemists, with their jars of colorful potions cluttering the laboratory shelves, engaged in a heated debate about the transmutation of metals."


Argument Of Altruists

The term Argument of Altruists is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals sharing a common belief in altruism and who engage in passionate and spirited discussions or debates. Argument denotes a formal discourse or intense disagreem...

Example sentence

"An Argument of Altruists gathered together to discuss ways to make a positive impact on society."


Argument Of Analysts

Argument of Analysts is a distinctive and potent collective noun phrase used to characterize a gathering or collaboration of highly skilled experts and thinkers in the field of analysis. Variously consisting of financial, data, market, policy, or strategi...

Example sentence

"The Argument of Analysts surrounding the new economic stimulus package brought diverse perspectives to the forefront."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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