5 Collective Noun Examples With "Set"

    "Set of Bowls"

    "Set of Golfclubs"

    "Set of Rules"

    "Set of Sails"

    "Set of Utencils"

Definition: an unofficial association of people or groups

Synonyms: band,circle,lot

Related: social group

Definition: get ready for a particular purpose or event

Synonyms: lay out,set up

Related: set up,fix,ready,gear up,prepare

Definition: several exercises intended to be done in series

Synonyms: exercise set

Related: exercise,workout,physical exertion,physical exercise,exercising

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Cover (1) Pace (2) Chirm (1) Cry (3) Cluck (1) Mask (1) Rag (1) Wad (2) Blush (2) Clump (2)