1 Collective Noun Examples With "Riot"

Definition: a joke that seems extremely funny

Synonyms: belly laugh,howler,scream,sidesplitter,thigh-slapper,wow

Related: joke,laugh,gag,jape,jest

Definition: a state of disorder involving group violence

Synonyms: rioting

Related: disorder

Definition: a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

Synonyms: bacchanal,bacchanalia,debauch,debauchery,drunken revelry,orgy,saturnalia

Related: revel,revelry

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Family (2) Cortege (1) Doading (1) Exalting (1) Harem (1) Scurry (1) Deck (1) Intrusion (1) Blush (2) Drift (5)