8 Collective Noun Examples With "Raft"

    "Raft of Alligators"

    "Raft of Auks"

    "Raft of Coots"

    "Raft of Ducks"

    "Raft of Otter"

    "Raft of Penguins"

    "Raft of Puffins"

    "Raft of Widgeon"

Definition: (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

Synonyms: batch,deal,flock,good deal,great deal,hatful,heap,lot,mass,mess,mickle,mint,mountain,muckle,passel,peck,pile,plenty,pot,quite a little,sight,slew,spate,stack,tidy sum,wad

Related: large indefinite quantity,large indefinite amount

Definition: a foundation (usually on soft ground) consisting of an extended layer of reinforced concrete

Synonyms: mat,raft foundation

Related: fundament,groundwork,base,understructure,substructure,foot,foundation

Definition: a flat float (usually made of logs or planks) that can be used for transport or as a platform for swimmers

Related: float

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