9 Collective Noun Examples With "Leash"

    "Leash of Bunnies"

    "Leash of Bucks"

    "Leash of Deer"

    "Leash of Foxes"

    "Leash of Greyhounds"

    "Leash of Hares"

    "Leash of Hawks"

    "Leash of Hounds"

    "Leash of Rabbits"

Definition: a figurative restraint

Synonyms: collar

Related: restraint

Definition: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

Synonyms: 3,deuce-ace,iii,tercet,ternary,ternion,terzetto,three,threesome,tierce,trey,triad,trine,trinity,trio,triplet,troika

Related: digit,figure

Definition: fasten with a rope

Synonyms: rope

Related: bind,tie

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