39 Collective Noun Examples With "Herd"

    "Herd of Antelope"

    "Herd of Boar"

    "Herd of Buffalo"

    "Herd of Buffaloes"

    "Herd of Caribou"

    "Herd of Cattle"

    "Herd of Chamois"

    "Herd of Chinchillas"

    "Herd of Cows"

    "Herd of Cranes"

    "Herd of Curlews"

    "Herd of Deer"

    "Herd of Donkeys"

    "Herd of Elephants"

    "Herd of Elk"

    "Herd of Fairies"

    "Herd of Dolphins"

    "Herd of Giraffes"

    "Herd of Gnus"

    "Herd of Goats"

    "Herd of Hippopotami"

    "Herd of Sheep"

    "Herd of Horses"

    "Herd of Llamas"

    "Herd of Moose"

    "Herd of Mules"

    "Herd of Oxen"

    "Herd of Pigs"

    "Herd of Ponies"

    "Herd of Seahorses"

    "Herd of Seals"

    "Herd of Swans"

    "Herd of Swine"

    "Herd of Walruses"

    "Herd of Whales"

    "Herd of Wolves"

    "Herd of Wrens"

    "Herd of Yaks"

    "Herd of Zebras"

Definition: a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things

Synonyms: ruck

Related: throng,concourse,multitude

Definition: cause to herd, drive, or crowd together

Synonyms: crowd

Related: move,displace

Definition: a group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kind that are herded by humans

Related: animal group

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