Collective Nouns For Geese

“Geese are waterfowl belonging to the tribe Anserini of the family Anatidae. This tribe comprises the genera Anser (the grey geese), Branta (the black geese) and Chen (the white geese). Some other birds, mostly related to the shelducks, have “goose” as part of their names. More distantly related members of the family Anatidae are swans, most of which are larger than true geese, and ducks, which are smaller.” Wikipedia

So here is a list of collective nouns for geese.

  • Flock of Geese
  • Gaggle of Geese
  • Nide of Geese
  • Plump of Geese
  • Skein of Geese
  • Wedge of Geese
  • Team of Geese