12 Collective Noun Examples With "Flight"

    "Flight of Aeroplanes"

    "Flight of Bees"

    "Flight of Birds"

    "Flight of Cormorants"

    "Flight of Doves"

    "Flight of Dragons"

    "Flight of Goshawks"

    "Flight of Pigeons"

    "Flight of Stairs"

    "Flight of Steps"

    "Flight of Swallows"

    "Flight of Angels"

Definition: an instance of traveling by air

Synonyms: flying

Related: aviation,air,air travel

Definition: a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next

Synonyms: flight of stairs,flight of steps

Related: stairway,staircase

Definition: decorate with feathers

Synonyms: fledge

Related: adorn,beautify,decorate,embellish,grace,ornament

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